An Engineering Insurance Policy can cover many types of risk together with inspection services.
The most common provided is the inspection of lifting equipment or pressurised equipment located in the workplace to comply with statutory regulations and requirements.

Lifting equipment can constitute a forklift, passenger or goods lift, an escalator, block and tackle, hoist, crane or goods trolley. Basically anything that can lift goods or persons. Pressurised equipment normally constitute a compressor or boiler.

An Engineering policy will ensure that you satisfy the requirements of the Health, Safety & Welfare at Work legislation. Failure to do so will leave you personally exposed to a legal action for breaches of the legislation and possibly compensation for resultant injuries. Your liability insurance will not cover you in such instances where a breach of legislation resulted in an accident.
  • Inspection Service
  • Machinery Damage
  • Breakdown
  • Machinery Movement Cover
  • Loss of Use
  • Explosion Damage to surrounding property
  • Large Computer Systems
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